Royal Custom Plank & Parquet is a division of Galleher, LLC. Founded in 1937, Galleher is a flooring manufacturer and the oldest and largest wholesale flooring distributor in California. The Galleher family of companies includes familiar hardwood brands like Monarch Plank and Reward Flooring. Royal Custom Plank & Parquet fills the needs of those customers in search of a more individually tailored product.


Our abilities

Royal Custom Plank & Parquet features the most comprehensive capabilities of any custom wood flooring manufacturing company in the country.  Our state of the art pre-finish lines are capable of applying both single and multi-pass stain applications.  In addition, we can produce hardwood flooring with either a UV oil or a UV urethane topcoat.  Other capabilities include multiple edge bevel profiles, a variety of wire brush options and multiple hand scrape design patterns.  Over the years, we have used virtually every species of wood in many different width and length combinations.

Since every floor is unique, the possibilities are endless.  For instance, while approximately 10 different patterns make up the bulk of our custom parquet production, we have created over 100 custom patterns that have been brought to us by designers and homeowners.  In addition to the standard patterns, we have done many multi-species patterns to create unique and amazing floors.

As you contemplate your floors consider the following possibilities…

Edge treatment

  • Kiss bevel

  • Mini Micro-V bevel

  • Micro V bevel

  • Full bevel

  • small rounded edge

  • larger rounded edge

Wire Brush Effect

  • Wire brushing pulls the softer wood fibers from the grain of the wood allowing for a multidimensional look. Royal Custom Plank & Parquet offers wire brushed floors in a variety of options including light medium or heavy. In addition, custom moldings can be wire brushed to match the flooring.

Custom Staining

  • Color is the most important consideration when choosing a wood floor. While the species of wood is important, our experience shows that the same color stain will look different on alternative species of wood. This is where your designer, wood flooring contractor, and Royal Custom Plank & Parquet representative can help you achieve the perfect floor. Our multi person sample and product development department creates hundreds of carefully designed samples every month. These samples provide a replica of the finished floor to help ease early design decisions. It also assures high levels of quality control during the manufacturing process.

  • We use a variety of staining techniques and products to achieve the perfect look for your home.

  • Reactive stains (aka active stains) react with the natural tannnins in the wood to create antique effects and natural-looking, integral color.

  • UV stains create consistent and deep colors

  • multiple stains applied sequentially create complex colors

  • multiple stains applied after the flooring has been treated create unique looks where the color in the grain is different than the color in the face of the wood

Hand Scraping

  • Hand scraped floors first became popular in the 1980s in the most exclusive homes in Southern California. The process was initiated to replicate floors that were hundreds of years old. Over time, it became clear that these hand scraped floors actually resisted the appearance of normal wear better than other flooring products. Techniques have evolved over the last 20 years and Royal Custom Plank & Parquet utilizes the most labor-intensive and professional efforts to create looks that are timeless. As trends have evolved many designers have chosen a less aggressive scrape to create a very soft sculpturing affect. Others continue to like aggressively scraped floors that show great inconsistency board to board. Royal Custom Plank & Parquet offers a wide range of hand scrape techniques to provide whatever look you want for your home.

Other Techniques

  • round or square pegs

  • contrasting fillers within gaps, knots and cracks

  • chattered edges or ends

  • splits within boards

  • painted surfaces

  • mixed insets – tile, metal, stone

OUR commitments

Galleher produces products using the finest materials available.  Our sourcing practices require us to use Lacey and CARB II compliant wood flooring and wood related products.  We also have the ability to use FSC certified products when required.

Everything we produce is checked multiple times during the manufacturing process.  In addition it is carefully checked before shipment to ensure that it fulfills the requirements and meets the expectations for every job.

Royal Custom Plank & Parquet wants nothing less than the floors in your home to be the most exciting part of your entire construction remodeling project.  Our goal is for you to hear compliments on your floors for as long as they are there.  And simply said, they could last 100 years.

If we are honored to put Royal Custom Plank & Parquet in your home we assure you that your floors will be made to the highest standards possible and that we will strive to exceed every expectation you could possibly have.

We treat every order as if it were the most important order and every floor like it was the most important we have ever created.  The owners of Royal Custom Plank & Parquet have product throughout their homes.  We love our floors and trust you will as well.


Royal Custom Plank & Parquet offers a limited structural and finish warranty on all of their products. For details, download the full Royal Custom Flooring warranty here.

For detailed installation and maintenance instructions click here.