Texture is one of the defining characteristics of a hardwood floor. Different techniques applied to different species bring out unique characteristics that can enhance or reduce the impact of the natural structures of the wood, and provide the foundation for unique finishing effects. From sleek subtle elegance to rugged beauty, we invite you to learn about the techniques we use to give your floor its feel and create the canvas for your final color.

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Wire Brushing

Wire brushing pulls the softer springwood fibers from the grain of the wood, allowing for a multidimensional look. Royal Custom Plank & Parquet offers wire brushed floors in a variety of styles, including light medium or heavy. We have multiple brushing machines and types of brushes, to achieve virtually any brushed look you can imagine. Custom moldings and stair parts can be brushed to match the flooring.

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Before the advent of sanding machines, European wood floor installers smoothed floors by drawing a knife across them after installation. In the late 20th Century, the unique, worn look that this process created was rediscovered and gained popularity. Our experienced craftsmen are trained to scrape floors in a variety of styles, and we still do it the old-fashioned way, 100% by hand.

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Hand Scraping: Additional Information

Hand scraped floors first became popular in the 1980’s in the most exclusive homes in Southern California, where high-end custom installation contractors began scraping floors after installation in order to replicate European floors that were hundreds of years old. Responding to that trend, Royal Custom Plank & Parquet was, as far as we know, the very first company to hand-scrape floors in a production environment. Over time it became clear that these hand scraped floors actually resisted the appearance of normal wear better than other flooring products. Soon larger mass-production factories began mimicking the look, and hand-scraped floors became popular throughout the industry. Techniques have evolved over the last 20 years and many factories now utilize machines to help create this look, but at Royal Custom Plank & Parquet we continue to believe that only true hand-scraping provides the authentic look and feel of those original European floors. As trends have evolved, many designers now choose a less aggressive scrape to create a soft, sculptured effect. Others continue to like aggressively scraped floors that showcase the human touch that shaped them. Royal Custom Plank & Parquet offers a wide range of hand scrape techniques to provide whatever look you desire for your home.

Other Techniques

Our customization capabilities extend well beyond the classics highlighted above, and we welcome the opportunity to create unique, one of a kind floors with additional techniques including:

  • Cobbled edges

  • Pillowed edges

  • Circle saw or bandsaw marks

  • Round or square pegs