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We are excited to announce a breakthrough program offering the professional flooring installation community a completely new product: unfinished flooring that has been textured and pre-stained with our unique selection of gorgeous reactive stains. Reactive stains continue to gain momentum as the choice of customers looking to achieve premium quality naturally aged finishes on their Oak floors. Reactive stains create incredible depth of color, natural variation and ‘positive grain’ effects that are impossible to achieve with traditional staining methods.

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But, as many of our customers have discovered, reactive stains are very difficult to apply under jobsite conditions. The results can be dramatically different between sample to actual floor, or from one job to the next. Here are some reasons why it’s so hard to get good results:

  • The exact moisture content of the wood at time of application affects the color
  • Humidity during dry times affect the depth of the reaction
  • Stain must be applied consistently – roller, brush, rag or even backpack sprayer are not precise enough.
  • The age of the reactive stain itself can affect the color, as the stains tend to lose their potency over time.

Together, these things make jobsite application very unpredictable. We have a solution.


RCP’s Domestic Reactive Staining Unit

Our staff has been working with reactive stains for many years, in a small custom shop environment, on massive production lines over seas, and in the laboratories of the boutique stain manufacturers of Holland and Belgium. We have learned what works and what doesn’t. We know that due to variations in the tannin content of individual boards, reactive stains can never be controlled perfectly, which is exactly why they give you such beautiful, natural-looking results. But through the years we have learned how to eliminate as many variables as possible, and in our new production facility in Phoenix, AZ, we have built a dedicated Reactive Staining Unit (RSU) to do just that. 

While no reactive stain process provides perfectly uniform results, by eliminating as many of these variables as possible, we can provide reliable, pre-stained, unfinished floors in a wide range of sizes that you can customize and finish onsite to your customers’ preferences. Let us provide the canvas on which you can create beautiful custom colors.

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What makes RCP’s Reactive Staining different

  • Single-origin French Oak, to reduce as much as possible the range of tannin in the wood from batch to batch. Our Monarch Plank Artisans Preferred French Oak comes exclusively from the Burgundy region of France, long valued by wine makers as the most tannin-rich Oak on Earth.
  • Carefully controlled humidity and temperature, to condition the wood before staining and dry it under the same conditions every time.
  • Freshly mixed, domestically-produced reactive formulas that have not degraded during transit from Europe or sitting in a warehouse.
  • Water filtration system, to keep chlorine and other contaminants out of the stain mixtures.
  • Lumber stock that comes from the same Burgundy region, for matching moldings and stair parts, including custom treads cut to any shape.
  • Wire-brushing, saw-marks, and other custom textures, to get the most dramatic effects from the reactive stain.

How you can use the RSU

We have established a series of standard options that you can sample and experiment with to create completely customized options for your most discerning customers. Consider each option a starting point. From there, you can work your own magic to achieve looks your competitors will not be able to match.

Alternatively, we also offer full prefinishing services, where you can submit a sample and we will work within the RSU to match the specific texture and color.

We invite you to join us in this journey of bringing a new level of customizable quality to the unfinished flooring market. To learn more, contact your local Galleher sales representative or contact us at design@customroyalflooring.com


Coming Summer 2018: Reactive Stain: Build to Order Online Color Palette.

(check back soon!) 

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